Monday, February 22, 2010


Some Brazilian-influenced Bossa grooves here courtesy of British production duo Faze Action.

This is a smooth-grooved instrumental track that can be found on the "Break N' Bossa" compilation series. I highly recommend the entire series (I believe it is up to 8 volumes currently). If you like the music on this blog, then you will not be disappointed.

Faze Action "Samba"

baby luv.

This is the third single from Groove Theory's 1995 self-titled debut album.

Groove Theory is best known for their top-10 single "Tell Me", from the same LP.

Groove Theory "Baby Luv"


One of the most recognizable voices behind Naked Music recordings is Toronto's Lisa Shaw. She has collaborated with many artists/producers such as Lovetronic, Central Living, Blue Six and Aquanote.

Her debut album from 2005 "Cherry" is also on the Naked Music label. The first single from "Cherry", "Always", has been remixed multiple times.

Here is the original version, produced by Jay Denes.

Lisa Shaw "Always"

Friday, February 19, 2010


Here's another gem from the Naked Music label.

Atlanta-based Gaelle has a laid-back yet smooth, soulful delivery in her vocals. "Falling" is a perfect example of this balance.

"Falling" appears on Gaelle's 2004 debut album Transient and the Carte Blanche compilation series, both released on Naked Music records.

Gaelle "Falling"

i'm the one.

Let's talk Acid Jazz.

Usually, for me at least, when I hear "Acid Jazz" I automatically think of the Brand New Heavies or perhaps Soul II Soul. I'll post some material from both of those groups at a later time.

For now I'm gonna stick with that same early-'90s British Acid Jazz scene. This group is D'Influence. They hail from London, UK and this was their debut single from 1991 "I'm The One".

Definitely pioneers of Acid Jazz and later Nu/Neo-soul and Downtempo music. Overflowing with soul.

D'Influence "I'm The One"

for your love.

Some beautiful Swedish soul music here. I recommend Natalie Gardiner's first LP "Ramjac introduces Natalie Gardiner".

I can seriously say that my mind was officially blown the first time I heard it. Beautiful music.

Natalie Gardiner "For Your Love"

700 mile situation.

What ever happened to Res? She released her debut album, "How I Do" way back in 2001 and was featured on Reflection Eternal's (Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek) first album and basically vanished.

She had a cameo in the video for Talib Kweli's 2002 single "Waitin' for the DJ" and actually contributed a, in my opinion, mediocre track to the "Akeelah and the Bee" soundtrack but has yet to deliver a sophomore effort.

I'm hoping to see a second LP at some point in the near future.

Here is a selection from the debut "How I Do" LP.

Res "700 Mile Situation"


For those of you who know me well and have DJ'd with me in the past, you know how I feel about Kelis' "Tasty" LP.

It was one of the most slept-on R&B records of 2003. It was the overwhelmingly huge success of "Milkshake" that overshadowed the rest of that album. There were no other hype tracks like "Milkshake" so it was kinda hard to follow-up on the momentum that single started (just my POV).

Of all the tracks on "Tasty", this track has gotten the most spins from me in the early portion of the night. Produced by Raphael Saadiq, "Attention" gets my vote for smoothest single of the album.


Kelis f/Raphael Saadiq "Attention"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

feels so real (won't let go).

Some '80s love from Patrice Rushen. Although this track was released in 1984, it has a timeless feel.

Patrice Rushen "Feels So Real (Won't Let Go)"


The Fillet of Soul series are sonic masterpieces. Tassel and Naturel along with DJ Cam put together some jazzy, silky compositions.

Here is a selection from Opus 2.

Tassel and Naturel f/DJ Cam, Laurent De Wilde & Nawfel "D-miles"

samba tranquille

Now a track from one of the most popular production teams in the realm of downtempo, Washington DC's own Thievery Corporation.

A short-but-sweet instrumental track that's perfect for that Spring walk. You know the feeling; warm sun, fresh breeze, invigorated sensation.

Good stuff, good music.

Thievery Corporation "Samba Tranquille"

les portes du souvenir.

I have so many great memories listening to Les Nubians debut record "Princesses Nubiennes".
I remember reading a review of the album in the Philadelphia Weekly back in 1999 and that really sparked my interest. I went to that old HMV on Walnut St. (it's a Gap store now) and copped it and fell in love.

I have a thing for French soul. Admittedly, I barely understand what is sung but it just sounds so sweet.

According to their website a new album is on the way. This is new music that I'm genuinely excited to hear. Can't really say that about any music nowadays.

Now on to the track. "Les Portes Du Souvenir" is a beautiful composition worthy of many a listen. Only one word can describe this track: Sexy.
Les Nubians "Les Portes Du Souvenir"


Unless you've been living in solitude under a rock with no internets since the new year, you've probably heard of the Luvstep mix by Dirty South Joe & Flufftronix.

As it's name implies, this mix is a sexy take on dubstep music. To be completely honest, I have never really listened to dubstep until I heard this mix for the first time. Actually, I think this is the only style of dubstep that I can listen to lol.

This mix is perfect to enjoy some wine by candlelight with that special someone. Who knows, you might "get lucky" as well.

Read what had to say about the mix.

Check out the site and add this mix to your playlist.



This track has "nite cap selection" written all over it. Produced by Jay Denes, one of the founders and masterminds behind Naked Music NYC.

This selection is taken from the "Reconstructed Soul" series.

Jay Denes "3AM"

hotel costes.

Sexy smooth electronic composition from German production duo Boozoo Bajou.

Hotel Costes is actually a real hotel in Paris, France. Maybe this track is a reflection of a night spent there.

Boozoo Bajou "Hotel Costes"

Monday, February 15, 2010

love hangover

Self explanatory.

Classic day after Valentine's Day vibes. Nurse the hangover.

diana ross "love hangover"

Friday, February 12, 2010


I'll start off with one of the smoothest tracks in my entire music collection.

The first time I heard "J'avance" was on OM Records' Lounge series, volume 6. This was one of those tracks that you listen to over and over and over and over! It never gets old. So smooth and sexy, it just puts you in a happy and relaxed state of mind.

The artist is Rollercone and I believe the vocals were done by one of the Les Nubians sisters. Seeing that the entire song is sung in French, I only understand the title meaning "I advance" in English. I do find myself singing along to it at times though lol.

Please enjoy!

Rollercone "J'avance"


Welcome to "Nite Cap Selections"!

This blog will mainly be concentrated on Downtempo music. Chill vibes to relax to.

For me, Downtempo encompasses other genres such as, but not limited to, Nu/Neo Soul, Acid Jazz, Lover's Rock, Deep Soulful House, R&B, and even some Rock tunes. Downtempo is more of a feeling that the music gives the listener.

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