Monday, May 3, 2010

my inner me.

I might need a late pass for only discovering Parov Stelar recently (within the last month or so). But I must say that I am blown away at his work and consider myself a fan.

I definitely recommend checking out his site and supporting on iTunes or your preferred digital download store.

This track (featuring the lovely vocal stylings of Phoebe Hall) is getting a bunch of "pull-ups" in my iTunes rotation as of late.

Parov Stelar/Phoebe Hall "My Inner Me"

Saturday, May 1, 2010

rock the boat.

I'm on a classic R&B tangent at the moment.

The late Aaliyah had a vibe about her. Smooth, strong, sexy. She had what a lot of acts nowadays can only dream of having.

Her last self-titled LP is a great work and this single, which she passed away at the ending of the filming of this video in the Bahamas, is a timeless masterpiece.

Aaliyah left us way too soon.

Aaliyah "Rock The Boat"

still love you.

Another now-classic R&B record that I love. This Las Vegas trio are known for their work with Timbaland & Missy Elliott.

The track was produced by the Neptunes and features Pharrell Williams in the hook.

702 "I Still Love You"


So what ever happened to D'Angelo? Dude was runnin things for a minute. Rumors are circulating about a new album coming soon, but I'll believe it when I see it.

For now, we're gonna flashback to 1995 and his debut LP "Brown Sugar" for this self-explanatory selection.

D'Angelo "Smooth"